Our Services

Overall Real Estate Experience

Greco is your one stop shop for real estate services. We provide a complete working knowledge of the acquisition and disposition of investment properties. We at Greco Real Estate feel that an educated Purchaser or Seller can make better and quicker decisions on acquiring or marketing a property and that our team would be able to perform a better service to our clients if they had all the information needed to make these decisions. Experience is one of the main things that Greco has to offer. It is our expertise that ensures our clients get what they need and avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that usually befall those newly entering the market.

We’ve Got You Covered Across the Board

Along with this, our experienced brokers can help you not only buy or sell your investment property, but we can offer assistance with finding a mortgage or private loan, finding property insurance, and guiding you through the management process of your Investment Real Estate. Keep in mind that all our brokers own and manage their personal Investment Real Estate and have experienced all the issues that may come up with ownership.

Understanding the Finer Points and Information

Greco Real Estate approaches each transaction through the eyes of a highly-trained, highly motivated professional team of brokers. This individual knowledge is matched by an emphasis on skill, practical know- how and real world experience. Regardless of how small or large the client, how simple or complex the transaction, we have one goal, and that is quality and results.

Our brokers are tech savvy and have a working knowledge of all the ways to find you the best properties. One of the major things that we can assist you with is understanding the true value of your current or potential property and how to increase its future value and appreciation over time. When it comes to knowing the facts Greco agents have the skills and resources to help you understand the overall market and all that affects your area, such as location, analyzing trends in rentals and sales, the state of the local economy and, in general, analyzing past appreciation history.

Knowing How to Close the Deal

Greco Real Estate is experienced at assisting both buyers and sellers when it comes to closing the deal. Our track record speaks for itself. We close 98% of our deals because we communicate with all parties, attorneys, bankers and appraisers up to the time of closing. Just another example of how our company can help save you time and money from start to finish in selling or purchasing your property.